The Era of Pop Music in Canada

It doesn’t matter whether one is visiting or living in Canada they are sure to enjoy the music culture that can be found in this country. Canada is proud of its Canadian artists. Besides listening to this music there is much more to be learned about it.

Female Singers

While in past years it has been the males dominating the music scene in Canada in the later 1990’s some very prominent women came into the industry. There were Alanis Morissette and Shania Twain. Also, Celine Dion made herself known to Canadian music fans. These three women ventured outside of Canada with their popularity in music. While at the same time there were several other upcoming artists that were gaining in popularity but this was remaining within the Canadian audience. This was an era of time in Canadian music that was sowing the seed for change.

Getting Past the Struggles

In previous times many music artists came and went and for many, it was a struggle to break into the music industry. Then when they do their difficulties were not over. They had to remain vigilant in order to remain in the public eye.

Some of the changes that did take place that had an impact on the music world were CanCon which is the Canadian content regulations.

Unique Undertakings

Canada has made its presence known in pop music since around 1870. This goes back to some of the inventions that were then the crude technology of music. For example, Alexander Graham Bell put money into the research and development of the playing graphophone which was a wax cylinder.

The First Pop Star

The first singer to receive recognition as being a pop star of Canada’s own was Paul Anka. Then for rock and roll the Canadian music scene had to wait for Ronnie Hawkins to arrive which he did with a very prominent band.