One Million Goes a long way in the Music World

The music industry is a very important one in Canada and it needs the support of many different entities. Many of the large financial institutions in Canada work hard at being involved with music artists and projects on many different levels.

National Music Center

One of the most prominent banks in Canada is proud of their one million dollar contribution to the National Music Centre for the BMO Soundscapes. This generous amount of money was used for the creation of a second-floor gallery situated in the NMC building. Most fittingly the new gallery was name BMO Soundscapes in recognition of the generosity and support of BMO.

BMO Bicentennial

BMO was intent on celebrating their bicentennial in a big way in Calgary. They did so by contributing over seven million dollars in donations. All to various charitable organizations throughout Calgary. Not only does this demonstrate that this financial institution is prepared to support Canadian music but they have a passion for other needs as well. Although their big donation to the music world was in 2015 their support for the music industry still continues today.

The Importance of Contributions

One only has to visit the BMO Soundscapes gallery to see how important contributions like this are. It is certainly needed to help bolster the music culture of Canada but it says and does much more than this. It portrays music not only on past and present achievements but acts as a form of education. With support like this it also acts as an encouragment for those who want to enter the Canadian music market on different levels.

The music industry in Canada is not just comprised of the artists themselves, but encompasses many different areas. All of which are important to the growth and stability of music in Canada. This is a vibrant and important Canadian industry.