Support for the Canadian Music Industry

There are a lot of components that go into the success of pop music. The group has to be comprised of the right talent. The fans have to adopt and support them. The government has to assist them in a variety of different ways.

Music is such an important part of any country. It can become part of its heritage and it can support the economy. It is often various organizations that get formed to support the artists and the industry on the whole.

Canadian Independent Music Association

A very powerful organization in the Canadian music world is CIMA which is the Canadian Independent Music Association. Back in 2013, a standing order was created to look at the Canadian Music Industry. This was order enacted by the Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage. Which backs up the statement that music is important to the heritage of any country.

The Standing Order Mandate

The purpose of this order was to determine several important factors to be done by a review. It was to be reviewed as to how much funding the music industry was getting. Also, to determine if there was enough government support in place. If the outcome determined that there was not enough then recommendations would be drafted as to how support for music in Canada could be made stronger.

CIMA Contribution

During this fact-finding mission, CIMA participated in a significant way by being able to represent their interests in the industry.

The Outcome

This very important standing order came to its completion in 2014 in which the committee made several recommendations based on their findings.

Support such as this is critical to keep the music industry alive in Canada. The review focused on distribution, education, tourism, funding, and factors. CIMA has taken on the role for being the advocated for the music world in Canada. It is a non profit organization and over the years have grown to a large membership.