Looking Back at Pop Music in Canada

Canada like most countries has had their fair share of pop music icons. The country enjoys a mix of different genres and is supportive of its musical talent.

Pop music is best described as what is considered to be popular music and is a mix of different styles. It is characterized as being music that has a basic format to it and the song itself is in the short to medium-long range. Quite often a section of the lyrics will be repeated verses or lines.


This was the year when Paul Anka rose to fame. He did so with his pop hit Diana. Although added to the list of Anka favourites is Lonely Boy, along with Put Your Head on my Shoulder. Aside from having an excellent voice, he was an amazing songwriter as he wrote for many of the greats like Frank Sinatra as well as Michael Jackson.


Pop music isn’t just about single artists. In 1970 the group The Guess Who were gaining huge popularity. Their approach was to take jokes and turn them into music. Perhaps best known for their release of American Woman. It did bring a little controversy as some saw this song as a dig against Americans but the song was meant to display loyalty to the Canadian girls.


For whatever reason, the 1980s saw a stall in the growth of pop music in Canada. This was quite noticeable as up until now there was always something new on the horizon whether it be a new artist, group or chart maker. Some believe this stall in the 80s put pop music back by ten years compared to other countries like the United States and the UK.


While up until now the majority of the pop singers working their way into people hearts had been men. Now a change began to take place where women were stepping into the spotlight.