Canadian Pop Music Groups

Canada can create a long list of pop music artists both past and present. Also, another extensive list can be compiled of some of the greatest pop music groups.


Rush fits into the pop music genre although classed as a rock band. They came together in 1968. At the time they did not gain as much notoriety as some of the other bands of this era did. But over time they did grow in popularity. Mostly due to the change in the band members with only one of the originals remaining as part of the group today. In today’s Rush there is Neil Peart on the drums and Geddy Lee for the vocals. It is the exceptional performance on the drums combined with Getty’s vocal talent that has kept this group popular.

Tragically Hip

This band never left the borders of Canada when it came to popularity. But, they certainly made their mark in this country. They are best known for their consistency of remaining in the top ten on the chart for many years.


One has to go back to 1984 to see the birth of this band. They are most known as a thrash metal band and for many pop music experts, this group is sometimes not put into the classification of pop music. Yet, their fans beg to differ.

Three Days Grace

For anyone that thinks that you need to live in a big Canadian city to be recognized in the music world, Three Days Grace can prove them wrong. This band comes from a small Canadian town known as Norwood. They got their start in 1997.

Guess Who

Another iconic Canadian made music group. Most noted for selling the most band orientated records in the world in 1970. They not only held their own in the music world in Canada but they performed at the White House. A band of four and very powerful in the music world.