Home Town Finally Pay Homage to Famous Singer

Whenever a singer makes it big they most often receive all the recognition they deserve. Most often their hometowns will boast of their city being the roots or the start of the Canadian singer. In some cases, though this doesn’t always happen.

Joni Mitchell

There is a well know albeit small city that is located in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan. This city is Saskatoon and it is known to be quite a popular city. But, strangely enough not for it being the home of the very impressive music artist Joni Mitchell.

One would think that when they were visiting this city that it would become quickly understood that this was home for such a well-known person in the music world. However, this is not the case. Although attempts were made in 2013 to bring some recognition in Joni’s hometown, it didn’t come to pass. The concept of the city was to actually build a Joni Mitchell museum, but because of lack of city funds, the idea fell through.

Seventy – five Years Later

Joni has now reached the age of seventy-five and finally, her hometown is paying homage to it. This is being done through the dedication of a waterfront park in her name as well as a celebration. Joni has been the victim of ill health so this recognition is not coming too soon.

How Successful is Joni

It is shocking to think that the city has not flaunted the success of Joni. Being as she has received 9 Grammy awards, it just doesn’t get any better than this. Aside from her amazing voice, she has been highly recognized in the music world for her songwriting to the point where Rolling Stone accredited here with being one of the best ever songwriters.

Although recognition was a long time coming in Saskatoon Joini has received plenty of recognition thorughout the music industry.