Do Canadian Banks Have Anything to Do With Music?

Canadian banks are more than just financial institutions. But, these large financial companies contribute to their communities in different ways.

When it comes to music supports Canadian music in a variety of ways as they outline in the Td media room portal.

10 Years of Support

The TD Bank has not just recently become involved with the Canadian music scene. They have been contributing to this industry for the last ten years. To celebrate this they held a ten year in branch concert in 2013. Their involvement has heavily focused on getting young people involved in music. During the course of their involvement, they have made their presence known through their sponsorship of some prominent music festivals.

The Bank of Music

The TD bank likes to be referred to as the “Bank of Music’’ because it reiterates their involvement in the talent that is so prominent in Canada and its music industry.

For the Love of Music

The anniversary celebration of TD’s involved was named For the Love of Music. Artists from all parts of the country participated. During the event, many of these artists spoke about the important role that TD was playing in the industry.

TD Participation

Aside from the sponsorship of festivals the bank also believes in the provision of music education. They do this by supporting educational programs. The TD Bank has a designated website to support their involvement in the music industry. They are always doing something new and exciting. For example, running great music related contests.

For tose that want to take advantage of what TD Music has to offer they can take a look at their sponsored music programs. Or, check out the latest music festivals that the Bank is sponsoring. The success of these festivals rely on the input that large corporations have.