What Rock Bands Are Influenced by Celtic Music?

When people think about Celtic music it brings to mind those single artists that have become their favourites. Or their focus is on the type of instruments that are used in their favourite pieces. What also has to be recognized is that in Canada there are several music groups that have been heavily influenced by what Celtic music has to offer.

Spirit of the West

This was a band that began its career in Vancouver where its participants were from. They came together n 1983 and continue to woo their fans right up to 2016. They were most popular in the folk music category. Then in the 1980s, they changed their style to a mix of hard rock and Britpop. What made them unusual and added to their popularity was their ability to throw in some Celtic folk music into their renditions. This new phase of music for them placed them into the alternative rock category.

Great Big Sea

Many say that it was the Spirit of the West band that encouraged the Great Big Sea group to set their tone of music. They started out in Newfoundland as a folk rock band and transitioned over into more rock related performances. Yet there was no doubt that their roots were comprised of the old Irish and Scottish Celtic tunes.

The Mahones

Best known for their Irish Punk music offerings. They came into being in 1990 on St. Patricks Day. There is a natural bond for the Celtic undertones being as the leader of the band is Finny McConnell who was born in Dublin.

Even though several of these rock bands are focused on their rock versions of music it is important to note that in their own individual ways they are still honoring the Celtic music genre which gives a new take on it for the younger generations.