Popular Celtic Music Groups

There is no shortage of Celtic soloists or music groups in Canada. There are many different ones that provide the type of Celtic music that is so popular.

The Paperboys

This is a group from the West Coast of Canada. They formed their group in Vancouver. They like many of the other modern Celtic music groups have combined their music. Their mix of music is often noted for a blend of country and Celtic. This allows them to target the music lovers in both of these genres.

Rawlins Cross

This is a rock based group, but they have really made themselves unique with the addition of the bagpipes for their music backup. This mixed with the mandolin and accordion has really created something different and most enjoyable. For awhile this band remained silent but joined together once again to hit the music stage in 2008.

The Ennis Sisters

This trio of sisters are from Newfoundland and have made their mark in Celtic modern music. These three have had a passion for music starting at a very young age. In 1997 they made it into the public music scene with their release of Red is the Rose. It took no time at all for this album to become popular as it earned the title for being the best folk album given by the Music Assoc. of Newfoundland and Labrador. Then the group went on to earn the title for best female artists from MIA.

Ryan’s Fancy

Newfoundland is one of the most noted provinces for Celtic music. It is no wonder when groups like Ryan’s Fancy originate here. They have contributed to the Celtic music here in this region as immigrants from Ireland.

These are just a few of the outstanding groups in Canada that are so highly recoginized for their contribution to the Celtic music world. They all have many similarities but at the same time have created their own uniqueness.