Celtic Music in Canada

Canada is known for some of its impressive Celtic music. This is in part thanks to the diversity of those who participate in this industry. Celtic music is built on the foundation of traditions so well known to countries like Ireland and Scotland. Then other contributors are Wales and Brittany.

Canadian Celtic Music Roots

Those who are really keen on Celtic music might want to focus on the music that originates out of Newfoundland and Labrador. The connection here is that the music produced by Newfoundlanders is very similar to Irish folk music. This should not be surprising as a great many of the Irish have made the southern shores of Newfoundland their home.

The Instruments that Support Celtic Music

Aside from the artists and the lyrics Celtic music is often identified by the type of musical instruments used. In Canadian Celtic music, it utilizes the accordion and violin. Then added to this may be the guitar and tin whistle. In some of the more modern-day Celtic music, the bodhran is now added. Some artists also like to modernize their versions of Celtic music with drum kits along with a bass guitar. Some of the older Irish bands in Newfoundland are recognized for using the mandolin and bouzouki.

Unusual Celtic Music

Most folks that enjoy Celtic music are more prone to favour the traditional style. In Nova Scotia and Cape Breton, they tend to go with a unique style of this form of music. They tend to have a more Scottish flare with the addition of the well renowned Cape Breton fiddling.

Quebec and Celtic Music

Those who have an interest in Canadian Celtic music tend to lean towards what the Maritimes have to offer. Many are quite surprised to learn that Celtic music is a popular genre in Quebec. They lean however towards the French renditions of this type of music.