The Very Special Shania Twain

With all the wonderful and famous Canadian singers that have come out of Canada, it truly is difficult to choose one. But, Shania Twain has to be close to the top of the list when it comes to popularity.

Shania’ Beginning

Shania is a native of Timmins, Ontario. One of the more remote cities in Ontario. Not only did Shania display her talent for singing at a young age but it became very clear she has a real gift for songwriting. It took a bit of work for Shania to get her career off the ground but with perseverance, she managed to do it. She gained her recognition with the second album that she released. It was the Woman in Me released in 1995. Many say that part of Shania’s success was as a result of the involvement of Robert John Lange who eventually she married.

When Shania came into this world in 1965 she was named Eilleen Regina Edwards. She has two sisters. While having an uneventful childhood Shania has indicated that her childhood was difficult as money was tight and her mother struggled with depression.

Her Early Retirement

As popular as what Shania went on to become she entered into an early retirement in 2004. Unbeknown to her fans Shania was battling Lyme disease along with dysphonia. Which had an effect on the strength of her singing voice. Not to be held down with such afflictions Shania did make her come back six years later with the release of Today is Your Day. She also wrote a very heart stopping biography labelled From this Moment on.

Queen of Country Pop

Shania’s dedication to music and her determination has earned her the title of Queen of Country Pop. Among her many awards she have receive five Grammy awards. But perhaps her greatest recognition is her induction into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame.