Canada’s Justin Bieber

When one is looking at prominent Canadian music artists they are compelled to add Justin Bieber to one who is has grown in notoriety over the last seven years. His popularity with the young fans as well as many older ones demands this.

YouTube Discovery

If one ever argues that the internet is not a platform for the discovery of talent they would be wrong. Justin is a classic example of this. In fact, his being discovered on YouTube has driven the aspirations of many other young talented music artists.

Justin gained his recognition after being discovered on YouTube in 2008. Justin is one of those classic examples of a star who was born overnight. Once his music got kickstarted it grew at a rapid pace. Some say to the detriment of this young music artist.

After some intensive planning and family negotiations, permission was given for Bieber to go with his discoverer who was Scooter Braun to Atlanta. Here he began to record his demo tapes. Within a week Justin was singing for Usher.

Before Stardom

Justin was born in London Ontario in 1994. He was then raised in Stratford Ontario. His Mother Pattie was underage at the time of giving birth to Justin and relied on the help of her mother in raising him.

Justin and his Instrument Talents

Many don’t realize that Justin is not just talented with his singing voice but is also quite proficient at the playing of several musical instruments which include the piano and drums. He is also known to play the guitar and trumpet as well. All of this is a true testament to his love of music in any form.

My World

Justin’s career was solidly launched with the release of his first album My World. His talent along with his young fresh persona all led to the success that he is enjoying today.