A Collection of Canadian Famous Singers

When Canadians are asked to name their favourite pop artists they are often faced with the pleasant challenge of having too many to choose from. Canada has certainly been blessed with some amazing artistic talent in the music world.

Carly Rae Jepson

This is one of the many Canadian female singers that made her claim to fame very early in her music career. To date, she sold over thirty million records around the world. She is recognized for her hit song Call Me Maybe. Carly looks like she is still in her teens but she actually turned thirty in 2015.

K.D. Lang

This is not only a household name in Canada but in many other parts of the world too. She is a musician that has supported the gay community and has been open in her participation and feeling about this. She is also well known as an animal activist. In 1989 she received recognition by way of a Grammy for best vocal performance as the best female in the country genre.

Bryan Adams

For those most familiar with Bryan’s music they are surely going to go back to 1983 when he released Cuts Life a Knife. Then after the instant success of this one, he came right back with another successful release called Reckless. These two songs were all it took to put Bryan in the spotlight for stardom.

Anne Murray

There is no way that recognition could be given to famous Canadian singers without including Canada’s songbird. The name which Anne has been lovingly dubbed with. She has far too many accolades to name, but she is one of the most loved artists in the Canadian music world.

Paul Anka

It is not fair to pay homage to the more recent music artists and not go back in time to Paul Anka. Even today’s modern music lovers still appreciate his music.