Canada Keen on Funding Music

In order for any industry to do well, it needs the support and backing of its government. The Canadian government recognizes this.

What Does Canada Do for the Music Industry

The Canadian government is operating a program called the New Musical Works. This is done through the Canadian Heritage sector. The objective of this program is to make funds available for musicians who need help producing and promoting their recordings. It is open for Canadians who are in need of this type of program as well as non-profit organizations.


This is the organization that is in charge of overseeing this program. It is not just for the recording artists but is also available to:

  • Publishers
  • Distributors
  • Event Producers

The funding encompasses many different opportunities. It provides an option for those that want to embark on the creation of a demo or even if they want to go for a full recording. For those that want to go on a tour the finances to do so are often not available. This program can assist with this.

Canadian Heritage

This is an organization that works within the government realm to take on a role with the culture of Canada as well as the economics of Canada. When it comes to the Canadian economy it amounts to about $53.8 billion as it encompasses the arts and culture. Within these sectors, there are more than 650,000 jobs created. So it is easy to see why Canada wants to safeguard the industry and promote its growth.

Canada is most fortunate to have a robust music industry. There are many artists from Canada that have become popular the world over. But, often all the related sectors of the industry get forgotten about. Yet, without them the industry would not enjoy the growth or nortoritey that it does.