Best Canadian Music Information

This is a site that can basically pat itself on the back for its commitment to Canadian music. The intent is not to support a particular segment of the music industry but rather to create awareness that there is more to Canadian music than just listening to it.

Canada Music

This section of the site is a starter section to just peak the interest in the music industry in Canada. It has bits and pieces of information that should appeal to everyone. The exciting part about music is that you don’t have to be a die hard music lover to appreciate what the industry has to offer.

Celtic Music

We had to include a Celtic music section because Celtic music is often the roots for many other types of music. Many don’t realize just how important Celtic music is to Canada or how much can be found here. Hoperfully this section will provide a greater insight into this.

Famous Singers

We just wouldn’t be able to create a section big enough to cover all the great singers that have Canadian roots. But instead we just a few examples to give some idea as to how prominent Canada is in the music world.


We know that you are going to find this section interesting because it focuses on news that relates to the music industry and how it involves other Canadian industries.

This site is dedicated to everyone that wants to educate themselves about the Canadian music industry. It is simple to follow, light hearted and lots of fun.